New Year’s Resolution!?

dscn0410What does 2017 have in store for you?

Planning something exciting? Some new way to preoccupy your time or learning a new skill?

To achieve a successful change in lifestyle or a new past time it takes a number of steps to make it work, Here are 6 to help you on your way..

The first point to think about is to pick just one thing. There is no need to try and shoot at multiple targets and miss, select one and make sure you do it well and satisfy your own progress.

Secondly, make a good plan of what is necessary and what might be needed. It could be that your new venture might cost more than you think!!! A third consideration would be to anticipate problems and so developing patience would be key here. Most new skills take time to learn and perfect so establishing a reasonable learning curve would help in achieving goals and show positive results.

A fourth point, one which is commonly overlooked, is to pick a start date, or even a length of time to complete certain activities or goals. Don’t pick random dates and fail to prepare adequately; time and again some negative experiences make a resolution short! Linking this to point number five; expect to fail! Not everything will go your way, some things take a lot more control and discipline, therefore, embrace the failures and provide this as a catalyst to succeed even further next time!

The last point, or the sixth on the list, is to just go for it! At whatever stage, at whatever cost, ability, access or age, most new choices can be daunting but there is always a way. It does not always have to cost the earth or for you to be Gods gift from the beginning. Take a chance on yourself and dedicate some time to do something you want to do and make 2017 the year that you want it to be!

At GhostNote Academy we can provide all of the elements to achieve all those outlined above. We can work with you to keep track on your targets, to develop a key skill or even just to get you started. We have all the equipment you need, playing and learning out of Melrose Yard Studios on a full studio drum kit, there is no outlying cost of purchasing all manner of gear. There are also exclusive opportunities to receive or claim promotional offers on lessons to assist on saving money further, just don’t forget your hearing protection!!

Of course, there will be times when you feel that your not making progress; indeed, many drummers (myself included) would consider themselves to be continually learning new skills, its just an evolution of your sound! Despair not, we have the experience and the patience needed to underline those achievements and take the time to work on those stubborn tricks that make you scorn your sticks! So make a note in your diary/calendar, pick a suitable date in the new year and make it count!

We are excited to start an amazing new year and hope you will join us too!

Happy New Year!! 🙂






25% off in October


October is generally the month we go back to learning, back to uni, school, college etc so why not take advantage of this autumn offer and get 25% off all drum lessons for a whole month!!

Book a 1 to 1 lesson for all existing or new students and pay £15 for your hour lesson!

If you’re new to drums, don’t worry, we can take care of your drumming apprehension with our relaxed and easy paced lessons to get you playing.

So take advantage and get in contact, we’d love to hear from you!

Happy drumming 🙂






Brand Vs Technique

Mike Portnoy

Does brand make a difference?

Is it the sound, look, make or representing artists that make us choose what we like or not like to play?

Is it really all that important about the “gear”, does a price tag make a difference or are we just sucked into the whole advertising world and how its presented to us?

I am a self confessed drum gear junkie, or at least I would be even more so if my family allowed it!

There is something special about our favourite brand or model of drum paraphernalia, we all have our reasons, yet at the heart of the issue is playing, whether in a band on on our own. Personally I agree that technique has a lot to do with sound, and this is echoed by many players, teachers and artists. Sure there are certain brands that perhaps have a better projection, deepness, decay or whatever but there is more to this than just Labels.

It is important to remember that behind many great players and all the shiny drums and dazzling stacks of cymbals is someone who has worked and improved their technique over many long years of practise. This is no coincidence, and this is nothing new. Many people take lessons to drive a car but this doesn’t mean we can drive Formula 1 cars and compete in races!

Developing your skills and “chops” takes a lot of work, combining muscle memory, fitness, stamina and control; its not something that happens overnight.

As much as our principle makers of drums and cymbals is an identity and important to us, its also important to remember that having plenty of flashy stuff is great but if it takes away from performance its a waste of time. I learned to play from having a Snare drum and Hi hats only and had to wait to add a full kit in time. Though this wasn’t a conventional way to learn, it not only helped me appreciate individual drums more and what they do but also an important lesson on what you can do with just 2 drum/cymbals (as well as the financial obligation with buying a drum kit).

Having a drum kit is more affordable today, an electric set up even cheaper, but as long as those core foundations are set early we don’t loose sight of the important goals; what our job is and how we interact with other musicians.

I have been playing with other musicians for years, I have been in bands since I was 13 years old and have gained experience that takes many years to achieve. Having fun and playing music is one of the best feelings and one of the most satisfying experiences, being a drummer is a big reward and its still the best seat in the house!

Lessons can open doors, they can teach you and the teacher more important styles and disciplines that could otherwise be overlooked. I have had lessons and enjoyed the time greatly, through commitments with work and family those lessons tailed off but I’m never far away from what I was taught and will hopefully pop in for some catch up lessons down the line.

So, there’s no time to loose, contact your local school or teacher and get out there and get learning! There is much work to do but its not a chore when its something we have passion for.

There’s no time like the present!



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Pointing in the right direction..


Drums were the very first instrument used apart from the human voice. In fact drums have been part of our DNA all along.

Whether you’re new or just starting out, beneath everyone, there is the capacity for rhythm and coordination, most us can recognise a beat or keep time in various forms.

The drums are an instrument that anyone can enjoy but to be able to have an understanding and a command of different techniques it takes time and patience.

Starting out is never easy, the early days can be frustrating and confidence can be low. Every drummer out there has experienced this, from the greats like John Bonham and Neil Peart to Gene Krupa and Buddy Rich, but with time and dedication its possible to overcome such obstacles and reach your potential.

At GHOSTNOTE ACADEMY, we cater for those individuals who are new to drums or have picked some skills but need pointing in the right direction. We offer lessons that can combine theory, technique and practical disciplines all on full or part drum kits. Using a high standard of equipment in bespoke sound proof rooms at Melrose Yard Studios, there is plenty of space to make progress and lots of noise!

We are based in the heart of York City center, a stones throw from Clifford’s Tower and the Shambles, where equipment and facilities are all provided.

So, if you’re looking for drum lessons and  want to start something exciting in a brand new drum school then don’t hesitate to get in contact!

Melrose Yard Studios


All About Drums


Welcome to Ghostnote Academy, I am PG Branton a drummer and song writer from York.

I have plenty of years experience playing the drums, from live situations, recording, demonstrations and tuition. I have been taught myself in both Rock School and Trinity Guildhall and I am a former student at Access to Music.

My background in drumming started, like most in my formative years, at the age of 12 I began playing for St Chads Scouts Marching band and developed a love of rhythmic conceptions and in particular the manipulation of drum rudiments into music. In fact, still to this day I love to exercise and practice as many rudiments as I can – always honing speed and control!

As I left a marching environment I began to experiment on acoustic kits, from school I met and have been in bands with long time co-musician; guitarist Stew King.

Where my passion has really grown has been through working with other talented musicians and learning to write and play in a number of bands. The experience of playing live and recording has undoubtedly changed over the years since I started but, for my part, the sound and feel of playing a drum kit is still un-matched.

I have developed as a left handed drummer but switched many years ago to a right handed player but still keep my “weak hand” in the game. I am a two footed and single footed player, combining both skills in contemporary music.

I am excited to be able to offer my expertise and knowledge, whilst also being able to help those who have little or no experience to begin their drumming journey. Being in a friendly and comfortable surrounding are hugely important for the safety and welfare of students, lessons are delivered in professional rehearsal and recording studios at Melrose Yard in York.

So if you like what you see and want to learn more don’t hesitate to get in contact via email or by phone.

I look forward to hearing from you!





Welcome to the New GHOSTNOTE ACADEMY Website

Welcome to GHOSTNOTE ACADEMY a website from Drum teacher PG Branton, offering 1 to 1 lessons and drum education.

Here you can find all the information necessary to book, inquire and interact with social sites.

All new and squeaky clean, GHOSTNOTE ACADEMY, can be found teaching out of professional studios at MELROSE YARD STUDIOS, in York, offering aspiring drummers lessons on technique, style, contemporary music, rudiments, left/right hand and single or double pedal players.

Why not get in contact and see for yourself!!