Drum 101

So you’re wanting to have some drum lessons but what should you expect and what do you need to get started?

Fist things first, its a good idea to invest in your own drum sticks. They don’t need to be the most expensive, and over time you will no doubt refine your choice as your playing develops; but brands such as: Promark, Vic Firth, Ahead and Vater all make reliable models to get you started.

With having some new sticks its a great habit to practise holding these and get used to the feel and response and developing your grip. The original, if not a bit old school, method was to practice on cushions to simulate drums. This isn’t a guaranteed system for success but in the very beginning provides a simple understanding of movement.

Another wise investment and coordinates with having real drum lessons, is to purchase some decent hearing protection. hearingprotection

With volume levels that can hurt and damage hearing, we fully endorse playing with some defenders. These can be provided at the beginning but of course it would be worth buying your own in time; after all, we all have different preferences!

So you have the sticks and some hearing protection, what next…?

Well, lessons! Now you have the basics to start. The only thing you need to consider is how much patience and determination you can summon.

A common problem with beginning the drum journey, is in fact that one word; “Journey”. There is never a time that any drummer at any level reaches the end of their learning. “I’ve never sat down and thought, – you know what, that’s it, I’m at the top of my game, and sat back and folded my arms!” – Mike Johnston Drum Clinic, March 2017.

The journey is a never ending process and like any other musical instrument, learning and development is a life long quest.

The beginning can be frustrating and hard work but that part soon passes and develops quickly into more technical skills. The great thing about lessons is that we can then look back at achievements, see what journey we have been on and map the future of our playing.

Yes, it can take some learners longer than others to accomplish various skills, there are ways to perhaps address such frustrations by adding a simple yet vital part of the drummers home practice – the Practice Pad.


The practice pad is an excellent way to hone skills and in particular to develop stick control and learning drum rudiments. With the technical introduction of rudiments, which are the cornerstone of any players arsenal, they are also a necessary component in advancing through the Rock School Grades and exams.


Time is a major investment, practising skills at home, learning new techniques in lessons all take a large part of any individuals learning trajectory. There is no short cut, applying time to learn efficiently will provide positive results and unlock achievements faster. Knowing what to or how to practice can be daunting, however, lessons can be the platform to stimulate and direct choices on your learning path.

Whether you want weekly, fortnightly or even monthly lessons, we can work at your pace, maintaining a full lesson diary that maps every students drumming evolution. Give yourself the space, time and patience to ensure your excitement on beginning to learn the drums meets your expectations.

Investing in your education should be fun but challenging. A new challenge usually encounters hard work but the end results can be amazing!

If you’re excited about learning, want to know more or would like to book some lessons; please use the contact from below! Lets go!! 🙂



DBS Enhanced


GhostNote Academy  is fully DBS (formerly CRB) checked with an enhanced certificate dated October 2016.

In accordance with Government education standards in promoting health and safety within the learning environment and with the cooperation of the Musicians Union, at GhostNote Academy  we take every effort to complete all necessary steps to provide a safe, comfortable and stimulating place of learning.

We take pride in the development of our students, whatever their age and/or ability and strive to deliver quality education in all matter of drum performance and drum related services.