A Drummer is not just for…

...CHRISTMAS     The festive season maybe soon upon us but do not forget that drums are not just a seasonal favour; but for life! Yes, we all understand that what comes with the territory of family obligations, the drums are sometimes relocated to accommodate a tree inside the house or a relatives bedroom for … Continue reading A Drummer is not just for…

Drum 101

So you're wanting to have some drum lessons but what should you expect and what do you need to get started? Fist things first, its a good idea to invest in your own drum sticks. They don't need to be the most expensive, and over time you will no doubt refine your choice as your … Continue reading Drum 101

Summer Holidays for Drummers

Summer is here!! Now that the long summer holidays have arrived and all that hard work through the school year has been completed; you can now unwind and relax! So what next? Are you looking at some time to yourself, or are you looking to the next adventure?   If you are a new convert … Continue reading Summer Holidays for Drummers

What is a Ghost note?

What Is a Ghost Note? In Drumming terms, it's quite simply a De-emphasized, often near silent beat. These notes are played very softly between the "main notes" (off the beat, on the sixteenth notes) most often on the Snare drum. While Ghost Notes can be played on any drum or cymbal, by its definition as … Continue reading What is a Ghost note?