Welcome to GhostNote Academy; if you love all things Drums and making beats, you’ll feel right at home here!

So what do we offer? Well, we provide Drum Education Services in a nut shell, from lessons and tips to news and information, which you can easily access on our Facebook page.

Wanting to learn to play the drums? From teenage start outs to adult learners, everything is covered. Specialising in those absolute beginners with nerves about how to start to those already getting stuck into drum rudiments, if you’re thinking where to start – this is where you begin!

So why choose GhostNote Academy? Well, why not? Of course there are other teachers out there and if something works for you, then great, go for it!! But at GhostNote Academy we believe in the evolution of YOUR sound, no matter what age. Every drummer sounds different and with a fresh and innovative approach we’re enthusiastic to bring out your individual style of solid grooves and killer chops!

With Trinity Guildhall and Rock School training and a former student at Access to Music, developing new teaching methods and attending regular training both privately and through the Musician’s  Union, GhostNote Academy brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to encourage you to reach your goals.

Credibility in a world of choice. We’re proud to admit that the learning continues for us too. Long after the drum sticks have been put down, we spend hours reading, researching and teaching ourselves to keep traveling and improving. Our Credibility is our desire and enthusiasm to teach you; to develop and practice the latest techniques and skills and to share this knowledge with you.

Experience counts for a lot and having been fortunate to have a drumming back ground that covers Church and Marching bands, including traditional Drum corps Snare work, to a vast and growing repertoire in writing, recording and playing live, drums have been a part of our lives since childhood.

From Hard rock, Alternative, Indie, Rock, Blues and contemporary modern music, combined with a Rock School diploma in Performing Music Practitioners, these working experiences have culminated to the establishing of a brand new school.

If we’re passionate about anything else as much as being a drummer, its the ability to inspire and encourage learning.

We have hopefully inspired you and we hope that this is the start of something new. So why not head over to our Facebook page and “Like” to receive up to date news, tips, advice and the latest offers.

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