Pointing in the right direction..


Drums were the very first instrument used apart from the human voice. In fact drums have been part of our DNA all along.

Whether you’re new or just starting out, beneath everyone, there is the capacity for rhythm and coordination, most us can recognise a beat or keep time in various forms.

The drums are an instrument that anyone can enjoy but to be able to have an understanding and a command of different techniques it takes time and patience.

Starting out is never easy, the early days can be frustrating and confidence can be low. Every drummer out there has experienced this, from the greats like John Bonham and Neil Peart to Gene Krupa and Buddy Rich, but with time and dedication its possible to overcome such obstacles and reach your potential.

At GHOSTNOTE ACADEMY, we cater for those individuals who are new to drums or have picked some skills but need pointing in the right direction. We offer lessons that can combine theory, technique and practical disciplines all on full or part drum kits. Using a high standard of equipment in bespoke sound proof rooms at Melrose Yard Studios, there is plenty of space to make progress and lots of noise!

We are based in the heart of York City center, a stones throw from Clifford’s Tower and the Shambles, where equipment and facilities are all provided.

So, if you’re looking for drum lessons and  want to start something exciting in a brand new drum school then don’t hesitate to get in contact!

Melrose Yard Studios



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GhostNote Academy

Providing Education, learning and drum tuition in York, England

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